Thursday, 24 July 2014


As the hotly anticipated new series of Doctor Who featuring Peter Capaldi  is due to air next month I though it’s time to give some Who merchandise a mention.

Generally speaking Who merchandise for me means Daleks and my latest acquisition is this Dalek Patrol Ship complete with pilot.

As far as I'm aware  this particular Patrol Ship first appeared in the  fiftieth anniversary special  ‘Day Of The Doctor’.

 It has firing cannon on top, and removable armoured panels.

It’s scaled to the 3.75” series and comes with its own pilot.

It’s a perfect complimentary vehicle to the previously released Dalek Hoverbout.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Some photos of the Konami Skydiver.

I think the detail on this tiny 3” model is exceptional, and to some degree better than the Product Enterprise version.

Even though it’s small, each side is a perfect representation of its TV counterpart with accurate lettering.

It even separates   into Diver 1 and a miniscule Sky 1.

Sunday, 20 July 2014


The Konami Lunar Carrier, another model from Konami’s UFO TV series range.

Unlike my previous Moonbase Central  post on the Konami S.I.D. which came as part of a double pack, the Lunar Carrier was part of a separate UFO set.

 With all the sealed boxes looking exactly the same what you’d find inside was down to pot luck, and according to the UFO series page with the chances of getting a Carrier was one in ten.

In the TV series the Lunar Carrier (or Moon Transporter as it’s described in the UFO annual) is the lifting body used to take the Lunar Module up to the edge of space, whereupon the Module is released to continue its journey to the Moon, while the Carrier returns to Earth.

This concept art by Derek Meddings shows that there were few differences between Derek’s original design and the finished studio model.

Like its TV counterpart, the Konami Carrier has a tiny detachable Lunar Module.


The Aoshima Fireflash kit

Sunday, 13 July 2014


Some photos I took of my Aoshima Zero X which appeared on Moonbase Central way back in 2011.


DeAgostini’s (Model Space) version of the Monobrake , International Rescue’s search and recovery vehicle. The Monobrake is use...